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Ir más profundo

Jun 6 2002 - Krishna Talk 28
Hay mucha historia de nuestro parampara. No podemos simplemente estar hablando substancialmente sobre temas de Conciencia de Krsna de acuerdo a nuestro capricho, debido a que está bajo resguardo. El guardián y el que da la llave está por encima de nosotros. De acuerdo a su deseo un hombre tonto... » more

Go Deeper

Jun 6 2002 - Krishna Talk 28
There is a lot of history to our parampara. We cannot simply speak substantially on topics of Krsna Consciousness according to our whim, because it is always under lock and key. The keeper of the key is above us. According to His wish, a dumb man can eloquently speak the Vedas, or a blind... » more

Ser un sirviente

Mar 30 2002 - Krishna Talk 24
La verdad se debe hablar de una manera directa, por lo que beneficiara a otros. He oído decir que, en el gran movimiento de conciencia de Krsna, algunas mujeres piden ser llamadas Prabhu (Maestro). En realidad, a todos los devotos se des dice Prabhu, pero un devoto real dice "Llámame tu sirviente,... » more

This Sankirtana Movement Is the Lila of Mahaprabhu

Mar 30 2002 - Krishna Talk 23
If you were to examine the list of personalities in the Caitanya Sarasvata Parampara, our Parampara, who would you find? Who is in the sankirtana movement? Who is Mahaprabhu? Who is Gadadhara; who are all these personalities? Then you would come to the six Goswamis; who are they? » more

To Be a Servant

Mar 30 2002 - Krishna Talk 24
The truth should be spoken in a straightforward way, so that it will benefit others. I have heard that, in the greater Krsna consciousness movement, certain women clamor to be called Prabhu. Actually, all devotees are called Prabhu, but a real devotee clamors, "Call me your servant, call... » more

We Are Suddha Saktas

Aug 20 2001 - Krishna Talk 22
Once we counted Raghunatha Dasa Goswami’s gurus, and we found that he had nine gurus. So then the question is, “Which one of his gurus is most important?” » more

Avatars in Every Species

Dec 29 2000 - Krishna Talk 11
I have a question, the answer to which should help me frame a paper I will write later this summer for an interfaith presentation on the topic of God among us: A Catholic-Vaishnava Dialog, the Incarnation and Avatar. » more

Secret of Prema - Rasika or Sahajiya?

Date Unknown - Article
One evening as we sat at Srila Puri Maharaja's lotus feet hearing about what it means to be a genuine Vaisnava, we were astounded when suddenly Srila Puri Maharaja said, "There is a wave of sahajiyaism coming to the Western world and you must preach against this misconception." » more