Service Donations

Dear Devotees and Friends,

Here are some of the various services in our mission to which you can contribute. All service donations, big or small towards any of these projects are happily accepted.

If you wish to donate click here for details.

In all cases, kindly inform us by email how much you are sending and what particular seva your donation is meant for to following email address:



Devotees can offer donations for the service of Sri Sri Gaura-Radha-Madhava, Sri Yoga-Narasimha, Sri Jagannatha, Sri Sri Gaura-Gadadhara and Srila Prabhupada. Donations go towards flowers, garlands, bhoga and puja items offered to Their Lordships. Devotees can also donate towards new paraphernalia and dresses for the Deities.

Monthly Deity seva –  Rps.5000 (US $100)
New Deity Dress – Rps.10.000 (US $200)



All major festivals celebrated at the ashram include elaborate flower decorations, puja, fire yajnas, ratha (chariot) festival and prasadam distribution. Major festivals include:

Gaura Purnima – Rps. 25,000 (US $500)
Narasimha Caturdasi – Rps.10,000 (US $200)
Janmasthami –  Rps. 3 lakhs (US $6000) – our largest festival where we have over 8000 guests. Donors can give generously towards various sevas on this day.
Radhastami – Rps.5000 (US $100)
Vyasa Puja – Rps. 10,000 (US $200)
Govardhana Puja – Rps.5000 (US $200)

prasadam distribution


Every month, the ashram performs nagara-sankirtana and distributes prasadam to all the local villages in the district. In order to facilitate this service, we need donations for monthly bhoga. It is our hope that through regular donations we can eventually increase this important service and perform weekly prasadam distribution.

Monthly prasadam distribution – Rps.3000 (US $60)



The ashram is in need of proper facilities for guests. The Existing guest-rooms need urgent renovation work. We also hope to build an 8 room guesthouse, each with adjoining bathrooms.
We also need to construct two or three more brahmacari/ sannyasi huts for resident devotees.

Renovation –  Rps.20 lakhs (US $30,000)
New Guesthouse – Rps.30 lakhs (US $60,000)
Brahmacari Hut – Rps. 2 lakhs each (US $4000)


CONSTRUCTION - Compound Wall

Urgent completion of retaining wall along the river side for protecting the ashram boundary from flood. The wall will be 300 feet long and 14 feet high.

The wall will cost about Rps. 13 lakh (US $20,000)



Flowers and vegetables are grown for the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava. Garden maintenance includes purchasing seeds, gardening tools etc.

Monthly garden maintenance – Rps.5000 (US $100)



Our publication and Multimedia wings, Gosai Publishers and Devavision Productions produce various books on Gaudiya Vaisnava philosophy and DVD documentaries and classes of Vaisnava acaryas.

Book Publications – Rps.1 lakh per print run of 1000 copies (US $2000)
DVDs– Approx. Rps. 50,000 for a run of 500 DVDs. (US $1000)

go seva


The Gautamiya Tantra states, "One should gently scratch the body of a cow, offer her a mouthful of green grass and reverentially circumambulate her. If cows are maintained nicely and comfortably, Lord Gopala becomes pleased."
There are various ways to serve our resident cows.

Gosala Maintenance for 1 year ­ Rps. 6000 (US $115)
Fodder for one month ­ Rps. 5000 (US $100)
Grass for 1 year ­ Rps. 15,000 (US $300)