Gita-Yajna at Mandya

Nov 17 2013 - News
A Gita-yajna was held on 16th November at the 900 year old Kari-Thimmappa temple in Mandya. » more

Gaudiya Touchstone Issue 6 Now Online

Nov 1 2013 - News
Gaudiya Touchstone issue 6 is now online, and is on a new release schedule. » more

Bhagavad-gita classes at the Kari-Thimmappa Temple, Mandya

Oct 10 2013 - News
H.H. Bhakti Vijnana Giri Maharaja is holding Bhagavad-gita classes every Saturday evening at the Kari-Thimmappa Srinivasa Temple in Mandya. » more

Govindaji Gardens is now on Facebook.

Sep 10 2013 - News
Govindaji Gardens is now on Facebook. » more

Srila Guru Maharaja's Return to Govindaji Gardens

Aug 21 2013 - News
The auspicious day of Sri Baladeva Purnima also marked the return of Srila Guru Maharaja to Govindaji Gardens. » more

Gosai Publisher's First Book in Spanish

Aug 2 2013 - News
Today, the devotees in our asrama in Guanajuato, Mexico, presented Srila Guru Maharaja with our first book in Spanish. » more

Gaudiya Touchstone Issue 5 Now Online

May 3 2013 - News
This issue of the Gaudiya Touchstone's cover story is Kumbha-Mela, the world's largest act of faith. » more

Gaudiya Touchstone Issue 4 Now Online

Jan 1 2013 - News
What better way to usher the new year in than to read the latest issue of Gaudiya Touchstone? » more

Bhagavad-gita Now in Kannada

Dec 31 2012 - News
By the grace of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, Srila Guru Maharaja's commentary to the Bhagavad-gita has now been translated into Kannada by Gosai Publishers. » more

Two New Cows For Govindaji Gardens

Oct 8 2012 - News
Govindaji Gardens welcomes two new residents - Laksmi and Ekadasi. Laksmi is a Jersey cow and 22 months old. Ekadasi is also a Jersey, about 1 year old. » more