Bhagavad-gita Now in Kannada

Dec 31 2012 - News

By the grace of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, Srila Narasingha Maharaja's commentary to the Bhagavad-gita has now been translated into Kannada and published by Gosai Publishers.

During the past year Caitanya Dasa Prabhu, Syamasundara Prabhu and Rasikananda Prabhu have all been tirelessly working on completing the Kannada Gita in time for the new year.

Caitanya Dasa translated the text from English, Syamasundara Dasa assisted with the editing and Rasikananda Dasa did the layout and cover design.

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of the Kannada Gita can contact Caitanya Dasa at the following email address – 

chaitanyadasa at gmail dot com