Bhagavad-gita classes at the Kari-Thimmappa Temple, Mandya

Oct 10 2013 - News

H.H. Bhakti Vijnana Giri Maharaja is holding Bhagavad-gita classes every Saturday evening at the Kari-Thimmappa Srinivasa Temple in Mandya.

This temple and the Deity of Venkatesvara Balaji were established by Sri Ramanuja 900 years ago and the pujaris there belong to the 15th generation. So far classes have been very well attended with many guests purchasing Kannada Gitas and other devotional literature.

All guests and devotees are welcome to attend the classes and can contact Syamasundara Dasa for more details at the following address:

shyamsundardas at

or call:


Kumaris Carrying Auspicious Pots, Greeting the Devotees on Arrival at the Temple
A Pujari Offers a Garland to Maharaja
Walking Towards the Temple
The Deity of Kari-Thimmappa Srinivasa
Giri Maharaja Giving Class from Gita
About 70 Guests Attended the First Class...