Gita-Yajna at Mandya

Nov 17 2013 - News

A Gita-yajna was held on 16th November at the 900 year old Kari-Thimmappa Srinivasa temple in Mandya. This temple was established by Sri Ramanujacarya and the Deity is that of Venkatesvara Balaji.

The 4 hour yajna consisted of the chanting of all 700 verses of the Gita.

The function was presided over by H.H. Giri Maharaja on behalf of Srila Narasingha Maharaja. Caitanya Dasa and Advaita Acarya Dasa chanted the Gita slokas and Gaura-Gopala performed the yajna.

Despite the sudden rain, we were able to distribute many Kannada Gitas and small books to the public. Over 100 people participated in the programme.

Gaura-Gopala performing the yajna
Giri Maharaja speaking before the event
Kari-Thimmappa Temple
Advaita and Caitanya chanting the Gita
Yajna at twilight
The Gita Yajna
Gita-Yajna at Mandya - Photo
Some of the Yajamanas (sponsors)
The Sacred Fire
Chanting of the Gita
Offering grains into the fire
The final oblation, or purnahuti
Gaura-Gopala performs proksana
The finale – hari-nama sankirtana!
The Deity of Kari-Thimmappa Srinivasa