Czech, Slovakia and Germany Tour 2013

Dec 27 2013 - News

Srila Narasingha Maharaja and Sripad Visnu Maharaja toured Czech Republic and Slovakia from 28th November to16th December.

Arriving in Prague, they were met by Panca-tattva and Premananda and taken to Premananda's home in Kadan where they stayed for three days. There, both Guru Maharaja and Visnu Maharaja spoke hari-katha and gave advice to newcomers and members of our sanga there. There were also many discussions about the development of our mission in Czech.

In the evening of the Saturday 30th, Guru Maharaja and Vishnu Maharaja travelled with Janaka Rsi and Hamsa-rupa to the house of Tattva-Darsi in Prague. Again, many devotees came for darsana and to hear spiritual topics from the sannyasis who stayed there for six days before going to Brno for a day and on to Stromberk where there was to be a retreat.

On Friday 6th December, Guru Maharaja spoke to all the devotees who had arrived at the rented house for the programme and on Saturday morning, Sripad Visnu Maharaja gave the morning class. As the day went on, more devotees from Kadan arrived for the retreat. After a walk to Stromberk Tower, Guru Maharaja returned and gave a class at 4:00pm of several hours.

The next morning Visnu Maharaja gave class again while Guru Maharaja spoke individually to some of the devotees. There were questions and answers after breakfast based on topics from the Bhagatavam and Bhagavad-gita. More talks to individual devotees ensued in the afternoon and by evening, most of the devotees left for their respective homes.

On Tuesday, Guru Maharaja gave hari-nama initiation to Bhakta Slawko from Poland whose new name is now Subala Dasa. The next day, Guru Maharaja, Visnu Maharaja, Subala, Hamsa-rupa and his cousin Zbynek drove up to the land owned by our devotees in the mountains near Stramberk. There is a small cabin there which is well made and will shelter our first two devotees who will develop that land there Hamsa-rupa and Zbynek. Guru Maharaja said he will finance an additional cabin there and he will stay there during his visits. Later, Loka-guru arrived and drove Guru Maharaja and Visnu Maharaja to the Tetra Mountains where they stayed for one night before reaching Loka-guru's house in Dolna-Suca where there were several days of programmes.

On Friday (Moksada Ekadasi), Guru Maharaja gave initiation to Bhaktin Sylvie. considering that it was Gita-Jayanti, she was given the name Gita Devi Dasi.

Guru Maharaja and Visnu Maharaja then travelled to Prague where they met up with B.V. Giri Maharaja, who had just arrived from India, and the three of them journeyed to Kadan where they stayed for one night at Premananda's house before leaving the next morning for Berlin.

While in Berlin, there were many talks with the German devotees and two programmes wherein Guru Maharaja answered various questions by devotees and guests.

Guru Maharaja speaking to guests in Stramberk with Tattva-darsi translating.
Visnu Maharaja giving class
Guru Maharaja
Guests and devotees hearing hari-katha.
Guru Maharaja in Stramberk.
Guru Maharaja giving initiation to Subala Dasa from Poland.
Gita Devi Dasi receiving hari-nama from Guru Maharaja
Guru Maharaja playing mrdanga before a programme in Berlin
Hari katha
Angira Muni Dasa gives Guru Maharaja a gift.
Second programme in Berlin.
Guests hearing answers from Guru Maharaja.