Srila Guru Maharaja's Return to Govindaji Gardens

Aug 21 2013 - News

The auspicious day of Sri Baladeva Purnima also marked the return of Srila Guru Maharaja to Govindaji Gardens.

Srila Guru Maharaja has been travelling in Mexico and the United States for about five months, overlooking some of our projects there and enthusing the devotees with his association, realisations and classes. All the devotees in Govindaji Gardens were extremely happy to see him return just before the grand festival of Sri Krsna Janmastami.

In the afternoon of his arrival, Srila Guru Maharaja took darsana of Sri Sri Gaura-Radha-Madhava and the other Deities and walked around the asrama and saw some of the new gardens and construction that went on during his absence. He then sat with the devotees and told them of his travels and about the progress in our centres in Mexico.

In the evening there was a wonderful feast prepared in honour of Lord Balarama as well as His representative, Srila Guru Maharaja. After the feast, Guru Maharaja again sat with the devotees in the garden and spoke more for a few hours before retiring to take rest.

Srila Guru Maharaja's plan is to stay in India till late November, then he is scheduled to travel to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, USA and Mexico for a five month preaching tour.

Srila Guru Maharaja ki jaya!

Srila Guru Maharaja Talking to Devotees Near Govardhana Hill
Srila Guru Maharaja
Guru Maharaja
Guru Maharaja Offers Respects to Giriraja
Guru Maharaja Speaks with Devotees
Guru Maharaja with Visnu Maharaja and Giri Maharaja
Guru Maharaja with Subala, son of Vaisnavananda and Gopala Dasi
Guru Maharaja Inspecting the Asrama
Guru Maharaja Looking at Visnu Maharaja's Garden
Visnu Maharaja Shows some of his vegetables to Guru Maharaja
Srila Guru Maharaja