Writings by Swami B.G. Narasingha

We Are Suddha Saktas

Aug 20 2001 - Krishna Talk 22
Once we counted Raghunatha Dasa Goswami’s gurus, and we found that he had nine gurus. So then the question is, “Which one of his gurus is most important?” » more


May 22 2001 - Krishna Talk 19
Several months ago we wrote an article called, "Hearing from A Rasika Acarya" wherein we put great emphasis on the qualifications of the person who hears Hari-katha of a confidential nature. Our emphasis was on anartha-nivrtti, overcoming mundane impediments in the heart: first deserve, then desire... » more

Vraja Bhava

Apr 6 2001 - Krishna Talk 17
I was recently invited to a program in Eugene, Oregon where it was said that the program would be in "vraja-bhava" so I was wondering how special is vraja-bhava and how does one actually attain it? When I went to the program there were various Hindi bhajans that I had never heard before and also... » more

My Guru is Radharani

Jan 11 2001 - Krishna Talk 13
Being an admirer of Srila Sridhara Maharaja, how do you harmonize your opinion about the rasa of your Guru Maharaja with that indicated by Srila Sridhara Maharaja? » more

His Last Instructions

Jan 3 2001 - Krishna Talk 12
Just a week prior to the departure of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura from this mortal world (Thursday, January 1, 1937, at 5:30 am) he gave many essential instructions to his disciples. These instructions were later compiled in Bengali verse by one of Sarasvati Thakura’s most affectionate... » more

Avatars in Every Species

Dec 29 2000 - Krishna Talk 11
I have a question, the answer to which should help me frame a paper I will write later this summer for an interfaith presentation on the topic of God among us: A Catholic-Vaishnava Dialog, the Incarnation and Avatar. » more

After the Disappearance of the Guru

Dec 2 2000 - Krishna Talk 10
What are the types of disciples who become manifest after the disappearance of the guru? » more

A Brief Response to "Ratha Yatra in Navadwip"

Nov 2 2000 - Krishna Talk 9
In our original article there were some details regarding dates and such that were corrected by B. V. Madhava Maharaja in his article. I thank B. V. Madhava Maharaja for this information although these additions to our original article do not change the main issues at hand. » more

Способствовали ли Веды развитию цивилизации?

Sep 19 2000 - Krishna Talk 7
Способствовали ли Веды развитию цивилизации? Если да, то как? » more

Have the Vedas advanced civilization?

Sep 19 2000 - Krishna Talk 7
Have the Vedas advanced civilization? If yes, how? » more

Ratha Yatra in Navadvipa

Sep 5 2000 - Krishna Talk 6
Many of the devotees that I have spoken with are very disturbed about this matter and would like to hear your explanation and clarification on this topic. Could you please explain? » more

Ратха-Ятра в Навадвипе

Sep 5 2000 - Krishna Talk 6
Многие преданные, с которыми я говорил, очень обеспокоены по этому поводу и хотели бы услышать Ваши объяснения и уточнения по этому вопросу. Не могли бы Вы, пожалуйста, объяснить? » more


Aug 30 2000 - Krishna Talk 5
Is a pure devotee, the guru or an acarya, omniscient? » more


Aug 30 2000 - Krishna Talk 5
Является ли чистый преданный, гуру, или ачария, всезнающим? » more

Существует ли Бог?

Aug 12 2000 - Krishna Talk 4
У меня есть друг, который говорит, что Вы не можете знать существует ли Бог потому, что Вы не можете Его видеть, поэтому он говорит, что неправильно базировать свою жизнь на догадке. Он также спрашивает, почему преданные приводят цитаты из писаний, неужели они не могут думать сами? » more

Does God Exist?

Aug 12 2000 - Krishna Talk 4
I have a friend who says that you cannot know whether God exists, because you cannot see Him, so he says it is wrong to base your life upon a guess. He also asks why devotees quote the scriptures; aren¹t they able to think for themselves? » more

Слушая Расика Ачарию

Aug 2 2000 - Krishna Talk 3
Правда ли, что для продвижения в сознании Кришны нужно слушать расика-ачарию (духовного учителя, продвинутого в наслаждении вкусом чистой преданности), находящегося на уровне Вишванатха Чакраварти Тхакура? » more

Hearing from A Rasika Acarya

Aug 2 2000 - Krishna Talk 3
Is it true that to make advancement in Krsna consciousness one should hear from a rasika-acarya (a spiritual master advanced in relishing mellows of pure devotion) on the level of Viswanatha Cakravarthi Thakura? » more

Meditation And The Holy Name

Jul 16 2000 - Krishna Talk 2
What should be the meditation of the mind while engaged in chanting the Holy Names of the Lord? » more

Медитация и Святое Имя

Jul 16 2000 - Krishna Talk 2
На что нужно направлять свой ум во время повторения Святых Имён Господа? » more