Adbhuta Mandira Report from the Gaudiya - 1934

Gaudiya Magazine Editors
Date Unknown - Article

Report of the Sri Navadvipa-dhama Pracarini Sabha's 41st Meeting, Gaurabda 449

Adbhuta Mandira

...Today, the Visnu Deity from Jagannatha Misra's house, together with Laksmi-priya and Visnupriya, Sri Mayapura-candra and Sri Radha-Madhava, have been established by the mercy of Sri Guru-pada-padma in a skyscraping temple constructed by Bhakti-vijaya.

Today, verily, Bhaktivinoda's hearts desire has been fulfilled. Today, Bhaktivinoda's prediction has become manifest and the banner of devotion flies over the sky-touching temple.

By Srila Prabhupada's mercy we have entered into the mystery of Bhaktivinoda's prediction. After writing the report about the opening of the Lord's new temple for the last edition of The Gaudiya, while remembering the lotus-feet of the instructions of Sri Bhaktivinoda, then suddenly we happened to come across a book about Sri Navadvipa-dhama parikrama. When I first received this book, I opened it and the fingers of my right hand became fixed on the place where I saw the following prediction:

adbhuta mandira eka haibe prakasa
gaurangera nitya-seva haibe vikasa

"A wonderful temple will appear, from where Lord Gauranga's eternal service will manifest." (Sri Navadvipa-dhama Mahatmya, ch-5)

Sri Sakhi-carana Bhakti Vijaya

Bhakti Vijaya

Upon seeing this verse I understood at once that Sri Guru-pada-padma guides us towards the prediction proclaimed by Bhaktivinoda. By the mercy of Sri Guru-pada-padma, Bhakti-vijaya prabhu has verily performed this service fulfilling the prediction of Thakura Bhaktivinoda of manifesting an adbhuta-mandira, and Sri Guru-pada-padma has manifested the gateway into Sri Gauranga's eternal service, namely by the supreme endeavor that has completely fulfilled Bhaktivinoda's heart desire.

(Excerpt from 'The Gaudiya' 1934)