Subramanya Swami Letter

Sri Sri Vidyaprasanna Tirtha Swamiji
Subramanya Matha
Subramanya 574238

Philosophic world is very broad and wide. Each philosopher has toiled to seek the truth. The aim of all philosophers is to see that man is relieved of his temporary material happiness and attain the permanent eternal happiness. Acharyas and Mutts have strived hard to see that man is relieved of his bondage in this world.

Among the Acharyas, the famous Sri Madhwacharya has preached "Dvaita" philosophy for the world. Some other philosophers have accepted ideals that are very close to Madhwa philosophy.

Though there are minor differences among the two schools, deep study of these two schools show there are similiar ideals. People in these days are eager to grow in the field of philosophy, and should not try to develop misconception among people. It is not correct for Madhwa followers to envy "Prabhupada" followers. Many facts that are in tune with Madhwa philosophy, are hidden in the works of Sri Prabhupada.

Therefore it is our desire to see that misconception among people in this regard is not created.

Sri Sri Vidyaprasanna Tirtha Swamiji