Palimar Swami Letter

Sri H. H. Sri Vidyadisa Tirtha Swamiji
Car Street, Udupi

Sri Prabhupada has accepted Sri Madhwacharya as his "Acarya."

He has put manure and water to the seed sowed by Sri Madhwacharya. Sri Prabhupada is responsible for the spread of the branches of the tree of "Bhakti cult" all over India. It is the duty of all Madhwas to recognize the sadhana of Vaishnavite Sri Prabhupada.

It is true that there is a difference between "Chaitanya school" and "Madhwa school." In spite of the difference between the two schools of thought, one has to look into the similar thoughts that exist between the two. Therefore, the followers of these two cults should never blame each other nor envy each other.

One should not use bad words on the other. One should respect the other and vice-versa. All Madhwas should unite themselves.

Sri H. H. Sri Vidyadisa Tirtha Swamiji