Srila Prabhupada - In Search of the Ultimate Goal of Life

Srila Prabhupada
In Search of the Ultimate Goal of Life
by Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada

In 1959, just after entering the renounced order of life, Srila Prabhubada composed this naration. Likely to be his very first literary work after taking sannyasa, In Search of the Ultimate Goal of Life is a treasure most sublime. The style of Srila Prabhupada's writing in this manuscript is revealing. In it, he makes readers feel the urgency of Krishna consciousness, a remarkable ability that later characterized his preaching efforts. Taking his readers to the realm of divine love, Prabhupada extensively and freely reveals madhurya-prema as the topmost platform of spontaneous love of Godhead.

Pranams by the Author
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1 - Varna and Asrama Jeopardized
Mother Natures Atom Bomb
The Problem Remains the Same
Perverted Castes
Real Varna and Asrama
Varna and Asrama Rejected
Hodge-podge Impersonalism
Educated Means Atheist
Sankara Astonished
Absolute Truth is Personal
No Clear Idea
Accept Sannyasa
Go Higher
Mixed Devotion
Knowledge-free Devotion

2 - Hear From Self-realized Souls
Spontaneous Love of Godhead
Mellow of Sweetness
Quacks of Spiritual Science
Attachment for Demigods
Mahamaya and Yogamaya
The Name is Absolute
Not Possible to Reciprocate
The Topmost Servitor
Most Magnanimous
Not For Ordinary People
Distinguished Cowherd Girl
The Search of Sri Krsna
By Srimati Radharani's Side

3 - Guru of Lord Caitanya
True Student of Truth
Beyond Varna and Asrama
Who is an Acarya
Siksa and Diksa
Not a Vaisnava–Not a Guru
Vrndavana Eternal
Cupid and the Kama-Gayatri
Hladini, Sandhini, and Samvit
Who is Topmost
Qualities of Srimati Radharani
Qualities of Sri Krsna
Topmost Love Affairs
Positive Consciousness
Deeper Happiness
Great Mystery

4 - Changing the Body

An Eternal Life of Ecstasy
No Entrance for Laksmidevi
Perfect Questions and Answers
Most Learned Fellow
All are Not Equal
Follow Srila Rupa Goswami
Real Wealth
Enlightening the Heart
I Have One Doubt
Lord Caitanya Revealed
A Mine of Nectar

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