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Aug 30 2000 - Krishna Talk 5
Является ли чистый преданный, гуру, или ачария, всезнающим? » more


Aug 30 2000 - Krishna Talk 5
Is a pure devotee, the guru or an acarya, omniscient? » more

Существует ли Бог?

Aug 12 2000 - Krishna Talk 4
У меня есть друг, который говорит, что Вы не можете знать существует ли Бог потому, что Вы не можете Его видеть, поэтому он говорит, что неправильно базировать свою жизнь на догадке. Он также спрашивает, почему преданные приводят цитаты из писаний, неужели они не могут думать сами? » more

Existuje Bůh?

Aug 12 2000 - Krishna Talk 4
Mám kamaráda, který říká, že nemůžeme vědět, zda Bůh existuje, protože ho nemůžeme vidět. Proto říká, že není dobré založit svůj život jen na nějaké domněnce. Také se ptá, proč zbožní lidé citují písma - nejsou schopni myslet sami za sebe? » more

¿Existe Dios?

Aug 12 2000 - Krishna Talk 4
Tengo un amigo que dice que no se puede saber si Dios existe, porque no puedes verlo, por lo que él dice que es un error basar tu vida en una suposición. También se pregunta ¿Por qué los devotos citan las Escrituras? ¿No Son capaces de pensar por sí mismos? » more

Does God Exist?

Aug 12 2000 - Krishna Talk 4
I have a friend who says that you cannot know whether God exists, because you cannot see Him, so he says it is wrong to base your life upon a guess. He also asks why devotees quote the scriptures; aren¹t they able to think for themselves? » more

Слушая Расика Ачарию

Aug 2 2000 - Krishna Talk 3
Правда ли, что для продвижения в сознании Кришны нужно слушать расика-ачарию (духовного учителя, продвинутого в наслаждении вкусом чистой преданности), находящегося на уровне Вишванатха Чакраварти Тхакура? » more

Hearing from A Rasika Acarya

Aug 2 2000 - Krishna Talk 3
Is it true that to make advancement in Krsna consciousness one should hear from a rasika-acarya (a spiritual master advanced in relishing mellows of pure devotion) on the level of Viswanatha Cakravarthi Thakura? » more

Медитация и Святое Имя

Jul 16 2000 - Krishna Talk 2
На что нужно направлять свой ум во время повторения Святых Имён Господа? » more

Meditation And The Holy Name

Jul 16 2000 - Krishna Talk 2
What should be the meditation of the mind while engaged in chanting the Holy Names of the Lord? » more

Частичка пыли

Jun 13 2000 - Krishna Talk 1
Kаким должно быть высочайшее стремление Гаудиа Вайшнава? Должен ли кто-то стремиться к положению манджари, которая может войти в рощи Вриндавана, чтобы служить Радхе и Кришне? Каково должно быть наше стремление? » more

A Particle of Dust

Jun 13 2000 - Krishna Talk 1
What should be the highest aspiration of a Gaudiya Vaishnava? Should one aspire after the position of a manjari who can enter the groves of Vrindavana to serve Radha and Krsna? What should be our aspiration? » more

Guru Parampara and Ritvik

Mar 17 2000 - Article
Many devotees are disqualified from understanding finer siddhantic truths by virtue of their impurities, material desires, subtle and gross deviations from the strict line of Sri Rupanuga-varga, and particularly because of their offenses to other Vaisnavas. » more

Sri Guru Pranali — Siddha Pranali

Sep 28 1998 - Article
A conversation between Srila Bhakti Pramoda Puri Gosvami Maharaja and a sannyasa disciple, held on Durga Puja, Sept. 28, 1998, Gopinatha Gaudiya Matha, Cakra Tirtha, Jagannatha Puri. » more

Positive and Progressive Immortality

Date Unknown - Article
If immortality means 'no influence of mortality' what, then, is its positive conception? What will be the nature, movement, and progress of that which is immortal? » more

Sadhana Bhakti

Date Unknown - Article
Without the shelter of Sri Gurudeva, the so-called practice of Krsna consciousness is a mental concoction or simply mundane. Actual Krsna consciousness is situated in the supramental, supramundane plane and cannot be attained simply through our mental speculations. One becomes Krsna conscious via... » more

The Post is Paramahamsa

Date Unknown - Article
If we try to understand everything in relationship with Krsna, then we understand vastava, reality. That is reality. If we study something minus Krsna, that is not real knowledge. Actually, Krsna is the original cause of all causes. Sarva-karana-karanam. So unless we come to the point of Krsna, any... » more

Adbhuta Mandira Report from the Gaudiya - 1934

Gaudiya Magazine Editors
Date Unknown - Article
Report on the Adbhuta-mandira & Bhaktivinoda's predictio » more

The Bhagavata

Date Unknown - Article
We love to read a book which we never read before. We are anxious to gather whatever information is contained in it and with such acquirement our curiosity stops. This mode of study prevails amongst a great number of readers, who are great men in their own estimation as well as in the estimation of... » more

The Appearance of Tulsi-devi: The Lords Pure Devotee

Date Unknown - Article
It is stated in Our Original Position, Chapter eight that Srimati Radharani cursed Her dear maidservant Vrinda Devi to fall down to material existance and that this is factual evidence that the jiva soul falls from the Lords eternal lila. » more

Bhakti Yoga - The Science of Self Realization

Date Unknown - Article
Who are you?... Are you your body? Or your mind? Or are you something higher? Do you know who you are, or do you merely think you know? And does it really matter? Our materialistic society, with its unenlightened leadership, has made it virtually taboo to inquire into our real, higher self. Instead... » more

A Word To Our Madhva Brethren

Harmonist Magazine Editors
Date Unknown - Article
There is a fundamental justification in seeking to approach the past history of a sect, especially in this country, on the basis of the prima-facie authenticity of the guru-parampara as preserved in the sect. We would be more scientifically employed if we turn our attention to obtaining greater... » more

Who is a Vaishnava?

Date Unknown - Article
This ontology on the topic of "Vaishnava" was first compiled in the book Gaudiya Kanthahara, under the chapter Vaishnava-tattva, by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada. » more

Deliberations on the Origin of the Soul

Date Unknown - Article
Jaiva Dharma - Chapter 15. Translated from the original Bengali by leading Bengali devotee scholars; disciples of and under the direction of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura. Published by Sri Gaudiya Math, Madras. » more

Searching the Solution

Date Unknown - Article
The innate principle of life is to save one's own self, to become immortal, to come out of ignorance, and to become happy. Our very existence is being threatened at every second here where we live; also, ignorance is threatening to cover our knowledge; and we are always being threatened to be... » more