Publication of "Evolution of Theism" in Spanish and "Yoga Vicar" in Russian

May 23 2021 - News

Gosai Publishers is pleased to announce the publication of the following two books by Swami B.G. Narasingha Maharaja —

  1. Evolution of Theism (in Spanish)
  2. Yoga Vicar (in Russian)

The books were offered to the lotus hands of Srila Guru Maharaja on the Ekadashi, 23rd May 2021. We are grateful to everyone involved in the production of these publications for the pleasure of Srila Guru Maharaja and the Vaishnava community. 

Spanish translation: Vrindadevi Dasi & Mahasakti Das

Russian translation: Dattatreya Dasa (Dmitri Elmov)

Evolution of Theism (Spanish)

Yoga Vicar (Russian)

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About the Books:

Evolution of Theism delineates the progressive evolution of theistic thought starting from Lord Buddha and Adi Sankara to the great Vaisnava acaryas Ramanuja and Madhva, culminating in the appearance of Sri Caitanyadeva and His philosophy of acintya-bhedabheda tattva. A great paperback introduction to this sublime philosophy.

In his book Yoga Vicar, Swami B.G. Narasingha, based upon the Vedic version and his own unique experiences as a bhakti-yogi spanning almost six decades, cuts through the superficial hype and monistic misconceptions that surround yoga today. He brings us back to the basic understanding of what yoga truly is – namely the theistic path of spiritual perfection. At a time when so many seekers of the truth look towards the east for answers to life’s questions, Yoga Vichar is a timely publication and it is our hope that the reader will obtain guidance and benefit from this book.