Vyasa Puja of Srila Narasingha Maharaja

Govindaji Gardens
Sep 12 2010 - Event

On 11th September, disciples and well-wishers of Srila Narasingha Maharaja gathered to honor the appearance day of His Divine Grace.

This was the first year that Guru Maharaja was not present in India for his Vyasa Puja since he is in Mexico and all the devotees at Govindaji Gardens felt great separation from him. Guru Maharaja's Vyasasana was decorated profusely with flowers and a new painting of Guru Maharaja by Dhira-lalita Mataji was placed there along with Guru Maharaja's padukas (peg shoes).

The program started with Giri Maharaja leading the devotees in singing Svami Narasinghastakam, eight prayers in Sanskrit glorifying Srila Guru Maharaja. This years Vyasa Puja book was then presented and placed on the Vyasasana.

Devotees read their offerings of glorification and HH. Madhava Maharaja and HH. Giri Maharaja both spoke intermittently about various points of siddhanta relating to guru-tattva and of their experiences with Srila Guru Maharaja.

Madhava Maharaja spoke on the exemplary activities of Srila Guru Maharaja and how he does not simply speak philosophy but puts it into practice also. In whatever situation, Guru Maharaja is not one to sit by and watch others do service – he always gets personally involved in every aspect of seva.

Giri Maharaja spoke on the principle of guru-seva and how a disciple always considers himself dependant upon Sri Guru and that Sri Guru is never dependent upon the disciple. He also quoted Srila Sridhara Maharaja who said that a true disciple always considers that in actuality he has done no service – everything has been done by guru. In that way he will never fall prey to pratistha.

Puspanjali followed with Madhava Maharaja leading the guru-puja and Giri Maharaja offering the arati to Guru Maharaja. Devotees then honored the prasadam of Sri Sri Gaura-Radha-Madhava.

Despite the absence of Guru Maharaja at this years celebration, many of the devotees remarked how they felt very enlivened through sharing their realizations and experiences with each other.

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