Srila Guru Maharaja's Vyasa-Puja 2011

Govindaji Gardens
Aug 29 2011 - Event

The holy appearance of Srila Narasingha Maharaja was celebrated on Sunday 28th August.

Over 100 devotees and guests attended the function from Bangalore, Mysore, Mandya, Srirangapatna, Australia, USA and Mexico.

Srila Guru Maharaja was accompanied from his kutira by hari-nama sankirtana to the temple room where Sri Gopala Dasa and Madhumangala Dasa performed adhivasa-puja, invoking auspiciousness.

Next, Rasikananda offered Srila Guru Maharaja this years Vyasa-Puja book which had many articles by Srila Guru Maharaja, our guardians and the asrama devotees as well as offerings by disciples and a report of the missions accomplishments over the last year.

Srila Guru Maharaja spoke briefly about the meaning of Vyasa-Puja and then listened to some of the offerings by the assembled devotees.

At 1:30pm Guru Maharaja presented some of the devotees who had significantly helped with this years Janmastami festival with shawls and photos of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava.

Madhava Maharaja led the guru-puja kirtana as Balarama Dasa offered arati and the devotees performed puspanjali and offered flower garlands to Srila Guru Maharaja.

After guru-puja, devotees stepped forward to present Guru Maharaja with various gifts.

Guru Maharaja then joined all the devotees in honoring bhagavata-prasadam in the prasadam hall.

Guru Maharaja Arriving at the Temple Room
Guru Maharaja and Devotees Coming to the Temple Room
Caitanya Dasa Offers a Garland to Guru Maharaja
Srila Guru Maharaja on the Vyasasana
Guru Maharaja on the Vyasasana
Sri Gopala and Madhumangala Prabhus Performing Adhivasa Puja
Sri Gopala Performing Pratisara-bandhana
Rasikananda Presents the Vyasa-Puja Book
Guru Maharaja Reading the Vyasa-Puja Book
Guru Maharaja Reading the Vyasa-Puja Book
Guru Maharaja Shows the Book to the Devotees
Caitanya Dasa Translates Guru Maharaja's Katha into Kannada
Srila Guru Maharaja
Madhava Maharaja Reads His Offering
Balarama Reads His Offering
Govardhana Reads His Offering
Guru Maharaja Presents Madhumangala with a Shawl and Picture
Guru Maharaja Thanks Mukunda Prabhu for his Loyal Service
Guru Puja
Kunja-vihari Offers a Garland