Sri Gopastami & Subala Milana

Govindaji Gardens
Nov 14 2010 - Event

Sunday 14th November was Sri Gopastami – the day that Lord Krsna comes of age to tend the cows. At this time Sri Krsna enters the age known as pauganda (between six and ten years old) and is given permission by Nanda Maharaja to herd the cows. He leaves His home with His friends, wearing a buffalo horn, a rope to tie the cows and a mala for counting the herd.

Also on this day devotees remember the Subala-milana lila of Radha-Govinda, wherein Srimati Radharani exchanges clothes with Krsna friend Subala in order to meet with Him. On this day it is common for many temples to dress Srimati Radharani as Subala in commemoration of this pastime.

This festival of Subala-milana is celebrated at Sri Sri Radha-Damodara Temple on the Sukla-paksa Trayodasi of the month of Karttika. On Gopastami, the Gosvami's of Radha-Damodara Temple perform go-puja – worship of the cow.

For more information about this festival, please read Srila Narasingha Maharaja's article:
Radha-pada Darsana

Radharani in Subala Vesa
Radha-Madhava on Gopastami Day
Radharani in Subala Vesa
Radha-Madhava on Gopastami
Sri Madhava
Sriman Mahaprabhu