Narasimha Caturdasi 2011

Govindaji Gardens
May 18 2011 - Event

The holy appearance day of Sri Narasimha was observed by the devotees on Monday 16th May.

On the 14th day of the lunar calendar in the Vedic month of Vaisakha (April-May), Sri Narasimha made His appearance to protect His devotee, Sri Prahlada and destroy the demon-king, Hiranyakasipu.

In the morning devotees gathered to sing the Dasavatara-stotram of Jayadeva Gosvami and listen to HH Giri Maharaja speak on the pastimes of Lord Narasimhadeva.

During the afternoon devotees were cooking in the kitchen while the pujaris removed the candana (sandalwood paste) from Yoga-Narasimha and bathed Him in sesame oil.

As twilight approached the abhiseka began. Srila Guru Maharaja performed the abhiseka, bathing the Narasimha-salagaramas in pancamrta and Yoga-Narasimha with milk, rose-water, turmeric and kum-kum.

As the pujaris cleaned up inside the temple and prepared the decorations, the Deity of Sri Sri Laksmi-Narasimha was taken out and placed on the ratha. Srila Guru Maharaja offered arati to them and the rathotsava began with the devotees pulling the chariot, performing kirtana and lighting fireworks.

By the time the ratha festival was over and the Deities were returned to the temple, the pujaris had finished decorating Yoga-Narasimha and Srila Guru Maharaja offered the maha-arati as Giri Maharaja led the devotees in the chanting of prayers to Narasimhadeva and Maha-mantra.

After the arati, Srila Guru Maharaja gave satari to the guests. This year we had many new guests and friends for the festival and Guru Maharaja was introduced to them by Syamasundara Dasa and Rupanuga Dasa. Many of the guests received maha-prasada candana and a photo of our Yoga-Narasimha from the hands of Srila Guru Maharaja.

A sumptuous prasadam feast was served first to all the guests and finally the devotees sat to honour the Lord's remnants.

Bhakti-vighna-vinasa Sri Narasimhadeva ki jaya!

Morning Class
Yoga-Narasimha Covered in Candana
The Lord After His Oil Bath
Srila Guru Maharaja Begins Bathing the Deity
The Lord's Lotus Feet
Bathing with Coloured Milk
Bhajanas During the Abhiseka
Guru Maharaja Performing the Abhiseka
Washing Off Kum-Kum From the Lord's Body
Bathing the Lord with Sahasradhara
Bathing the Lord with Sahasradhara
Guru Maharaja Offers Arati to Laksmi-Narasimha
Devotees on Procession with the Ratha
Fireworks for the Pleasure of Their Lordships
Srila Guru Maharaja Leading Kirtana
Srila Guru Maharaja offering Maha-Arati
Srila Guru Maharaja offering Maha-Arati
Srila Guru Maharaja offering Maha-Arati
Srila Guru Maharaja offering Maha-Arati
Giri Maharaja Leading Kirtana
Srila Guru Maharaja Giving Satari to Guests
Srila Guru Maharaja Presenting Gifts and Maha-prasada to Guests
Srila Guru Maharaja Talkling to Guests
Devotees Honouring Prasadam
Sri Yoga-Narasingha Bhagavan ki Jaya!