Mandya Program

Vishwakarma Prarthana Mandira, Mandya
Jan 28 2011 - Event

On the eve of 28th of January 2011, our devotees from Mandya had organized a Spiritual Lecture program in Vishvakarma Prarthana Mandira hall in Mandya. The lecture was delivered by Sripada Bhaktivijnana Giri Maharaja in english and was translated into Kannada by Srigopala Dasa Adhikari. The event was attended by arround 70-80 people. The program began with Bhajans and Harinam led by Sri Gaura Gopala Dasa Brahmacari. The lecture by Sripada Giri Maharaja followed after the Kirtan. Giri Maharaja spoke on the subject of who is the real "Bhagavan" as opposed to many God-Men/Women who claim themselves to be Bhagavan. He elucidated on the verse by parashara muni that describes the six prime qualities of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and pointed out the total lack of such qualities in the so-called God Men/Women. The lecture was well received by the audience and was later on appreciated. The Program ended with a small aratik accompanied with kirtan. After the program the devotees honored prasadam at the residence of Sridhar Prabhu and returned back to ashram from there.

Giri Maharaja Received by Mandya Devotees
Mandya Program Reception
Giri Maharaja Offering Flowers to Deity Pictures
Kirtan led by GauraGopala Dasa
Giri Maharaja Lecturing and Srigopala Das Translating into Kannada
Aratik with Kirtan
Giri Maharaja being Honoured
Srigopal Dasa being honoured
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