Gopastami 2012

Govindaji Gardens
Nov 27 2012 - Event

On 21st November devotees celebrated Gopastami at Govindaji Gardens.

Srimati Radharani was dressed in subala-vesa - commemorating the lila when Srimati Radharani exchanges clothes with Subala and pretends to be a gopa in order to meet with Madhava.

Gopastami is also the day when devotees perform go-puja. Srila Guru Maharaja offered special laddus and garlands to the asrama cows, Laksmi and Ekadasi, and decorated them with garlands.

Sri Sri Gaura-Radhika-Madhava
Radharani in Subala-vesa
Srila Guru Maharaja Feeding Laksmi
Garlanding Laksmi
Devotees Perform Go-Puja
Visnu Maharaja Feeding Ekadasi
Visnu Maharaja Feeding Laddus to Laksmi
Visnu Maharaja and Ekadasi
Jagadisvara and Visnu Maharaja with Laksmi and Ekadasi
Visnu Maharaja with the Cows