Gaura Purnima 2011

Govindaji Gardens
Mar 20 2011 - Event

The 19th of March saw the 526th appearance of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu which was observed by all the asrama devotees and guests.

The festivities began at 10:30am with darsana arati. All the devotees took darsana of Sri Sri Gaura-Radha-Madhava in their new clothes. The beautiful cloth was from China and had been given by Sripad Madhava Maharaja.

Sripada Giri Maharaja gave class on the appearance of Mahaprabhu. Maharaja spoke about the predictions found in Srimad Bhagavatam as well as Nimai Pandita's bala-lila and the reasons for Mahaprabhu's descent.

Throughout the day, devotees sang bhajanas. Caitanya Dasa and Sri Gopala Dasa led the devotees in chanting Srila Sridhara Maharaja's 'Prema-dhama-deva Stotram'.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, Giri Maharaja and Gaura Gopala Dasa Brahmacari performed a Vaisnava homa. Oblations were offered to Mahaprabhu, Laksmi-priya and Visnu-priya with Vedic suktas.

Caitanya Dasa gave class at 4:30 in Kannada to guests and devotees, speaking on the glories of Mahaprabhu and His message.

Mahaprabhu's bathing ceremony (abhiseka) began at 5:30. As the pujaris bathed the Deity of Mahaprabhu in various substances, devotees sang bhajanas and chanted the maha-mantra.

After the abhiseka, Mahaprabhu was presented various auspicious items and was then taken on His ratha around the temple to the accompaniment of hari-nama sankirtana.

When the Lord was brought back to the temple, naivedya was offered and sandhya-arati was performed for the Deities.

Although the asrama devotees had only expected about 60 guests, this year we received about 100. Nevertheless, there was ample prasadam for everyone. The cooks prepared about 50 preparations for the pleasure of Mahaprabhu.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu ki jaya!

Sri Sri Gaura-Radha-Madhava
Sriman Mahaprabhu
The Lord's Lotus Feet
Our New Publication Offered to the Lord
Giri Maharaja Giving Class
Vaisnava Homa
Fire Sacrifice
Attendees at the Yajna
Vaisnava Homa
Gaura Gopala Dasa
Caitanya Dasa Prabhu Giving Class in Kannada
Offering Pista-pradipa Before the Abhiseka
Honoring the Arati Lamp
Mahaprabhu Being Bathed
Mahaprabhu During the Abhiseka
Bhajanas During the Abhiseka
Mahaprabhu's Lotus Feet
Giri Maharaja Bathing Mahaprabhu
Bathing with the Sahasra-dhara
Pulling the Lord's Ratha
The Asrama at Night During the Festival
Syamasundara Dasa Offering Arati
Sandhya-arati Kirtana
Prasadam Seva
The Full Moon of Sri Gaura Purnima