Class from Follow the Angels

Mar 21 2001 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
From adau sraddha to prema, faith guides us to saranagati (surrender). We must recognize our own self-deception before we can really surrender to Krsna. Our independence spoils the mood of surrender. » more

Gaura Purnima

Mar 9 2001 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
The hidden avatara of Kali-yuga (Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu) appears as a devotee to fulfill two purposes. The first purpose is to spread nama-sankritana. Mahaprabhu: Maha means mahabhava (Radharani) and prabhu means Krsna. » more

After the Disappearance of the Guru

Dec 2 2000 - Krishna Talk 10
What are the types of disciples who become manifest after the disappearance of the guru? » more

Hearing from A Rasika Acarya

Aug 2 2000 - Krishna Talk 3
Is it true that to make advancement in Krsna consciousness one should hear from a rasika-acarya (a spiritual master advanced in relishing mellows of pure devotion) on the level of Viswanatha Cakravarthi Thakura? » more

Meditation And The Holy Name

Jul 16 2000 - Krishna Talk 2
What should be the meditation of the mind while engaged in chanting the Holy Names of the Lord? » more

A Particle of Dust

Jun 13 2000 - Krishna Talk 1
What should be the highest aspiration of a Gaudiya Vaishnava? Should one aspire after the position of a manjari who can enter the groves of Vrindavana to serve Radha and Krsna? What should be our aspiration? » more

Bhaktisiddhanta vani

Date Unknown - Audio
"Pujala raga-patha gaurava bhange — That is Bhaktisiddhanta vani — the real existence of Bhaktisiddhanta is there." — Srila Sridhara Maharaja. » more

Origin of the Jiva

Date Unknown - Audio
An excerpt from a talk by Srila Sridhar Maharaja » more

Meeting of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Sridhara Maharaja

Mar 17 1973 - Audio
This is the room conversation audio recording of the first two paragraphs that are missing from BBT Folio transcription. » more