The History of the Bhagavad Gita

Nov 30 2017 - Krishna Talk 203
The following article is presented on Sri Gita Jayanti, the 5144th anniversary of Sri Krsna speaking the Bhagavad-gita. » more

Sri Sri Gaura Radha-Madhava And the Temple of Misunderstanding

Nov 1 2017 - Krishna Talk 201
The main drift of this article is to recall to memory the establishing of the Deities of Sri Sri Gaura Radha-Madhava at Mayapura by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada during his manifest lila, and to draw attention to how the present institution of ISCON has unfortunately gone astray from the proper... » more

The Mystery of the History of the Lila of Damodara

Oct 27 2017 - Krishna Talk 200
Devotees throng by the tens and hundreds of thousands every year, and especially during the month of Karttika, to have darsana of Sri Sri Radha-Damodara and to circumambulate the temple. The Deity of Damodara with Sri Radha to His left and Sri Lalita to His right is the eternal blackish form of Sri... » more

Topics in Praise of Sri Ganga-Devi (Sri Sri Ganga-devir-mahatmya Visaye Arthavada)

Dec 4 2014 - Krishna Talk 187
Only those who are most fortunate can realize the supreme qualities of Ganga. » more

Vaisnava Ninda

Jul 7 2013 - Krishna Talk 161
Discussing the faults of a Vaisnava without a virtuous intention results in vaisnava-aparadha. » more

Gaura Purnima

Mar 22 2013 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared about 520 years ago, the Holy Name also appeared with Him. Previously the Holy Name was hidden in the Vedas. Mahaprabhu has appeared along with His topmost devotee in one form. » more


Sep 8 2008 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
The worship of Krsna is not complete without the worship of His sakti, His energy, and Srimati Radharani is the principal energy. » more

Gadadhara Pandita Appearance Day

Apr 27 2006 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
Gadadhara Pandita was born on Amavasya (the dark moon night). He represents the most submissive aspect of Srimati Radharani. Those with the divine eye consider Gadadhara Pandita to be the topmost devotee of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. » more

Nityananda Trayodasi

Feb 21 2005 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
Our year begins with the appearance of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Before He appears a number of His associates also appear, such as Advaita Acarya and Nityananda Prabhu. When Bhagavan comes He comes with a big entourage, not alone, as we find so many bogus incarnations coming alone. The knowledge of... » more

Installation Talk for Lord Jagannatha & Gaura-Gadadhara

Jan 25 2005 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
When Lord Jagannatha is worshipped without Balarama and Subhadra He is Patita-pavana, the deliverer of the fallen. He was the principal Deity of Bhaktivinoda Thakura's ancestors for four hundred years. The worship of Lord Jagannatha along with Gaura-Gadadhara represents a very special conception. » more

Srila Sridhara Maharaja Tirobhava

Jul 17 2004 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
Glorifying the Vaisnavas brings one the greatest benefit. All suffering in the world is due to not knowing who you are (servant of God). We praise the great devotees but this does not mean we can treat the ordinary devotees roughly. Without association of devotees our creeper will not grow properly... » more

Gaura Purnima 2004

Mar 6 2004 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
The extraordinary appearance and childhood of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura. The restoration of Sri Chaitanya's birthplace, Yoga Pitha, by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta. The irrefutable evidence for the Yoga Pitha site: the Ganges riverbed, text book references and... » more

Nityananda Trayodasi

Feb 15 2004 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
The necessity of Advaitacarya, who gave us Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Proof of the existence of God thru faith and experience. The uniqueness of madhurya-rasa. The erroneous teachings of the sahajiyas. Do not approach Krishna-lila for our enjoyment. Srila Prabhupada was empowered by Nityananda... » more

Questions & Answers

Dec 25 2003 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
Why is the advent of Mahaprabhu not mentioned directly in the sastras? Why did Srila Prabhupada write Krsna Book when it is not advised for neophytes to read the 10th Canto of Bhagavatam? What is the difference between jnana-misra bhakti and jnana-purvaka-bhakti? Srila Narasingha Maharaja answers... » more

Srila Prabhupada Avirbhava

Aug 23 2003 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
Who is a real guru? Guru means that he says Krsna is Bhagavan, not that he claims to be Bhagavan. Real guru teaches how to serve Krsna. To meet guru is a very rare thing. By service our eyes are opened to see guru. » more

The Prominent Link

Aug 3 2003 - Audio
Saranagati Farm
Everything must be received by the descending process. The good will that comes with that is all important for success. Sentiment cannot omit the established process; it cannot obstruct the descent of divinity. Many questions cannot be answered from the books. In fact there is no Krsna... » more

Gaura Purnima

Mar 18 2003 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
The appearance of Lord Chaitanya. The Lord is always sinless even when apparently engaging in sinful activities. He does not come with karma to this world. He appears with His entourage (parshadas). According to the intensity of our love for the Lord we become more free with the Lord to relish more... » more

Srila Sridhara Maharaja Avirbhava

Oct 30 2002 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
In this world all are envious of Krsna, so have foregone the serving tendency. But the Vaisnavas do not do the work of this world, they do Krsna's work. Our worst danger is that we misuse our life. If you don't feel a pinch from a donation then Krsna doesn't notice it either. » more

Srila Puri Maharaja Avirbhava

Oct 10 2002 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
The real meaning of Rathayatra is the returning of Lord Jagannatha to Vrndavana. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu spent the last 12 years of his life in Puri experiencing intense feelings of separation from Krsna (vipralambha). The great wealth of the maha-bhagavatas are their qualities. » more

Disappearance of Haridasa Thakura

Sep 20 2002 - Audio
Bangalore Ashram
Haridasa Thakura is the personification of devotion. First become a pure devotee then after some time we may experience what is love of Krsna, gradually as we undergo purification. When we satisfy Krsna with pure devotion then we will understand and experience what is prema. » more

Cc. Madhya Lila 19.151

Jul 28 2002 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
Our wandering in maya from body to body is stopped when we find guru. There are different gradations of guru, but Krsna must be within. A pure devotee can never fall down, even from the spiritual world. In Goloka there are many Prabhupadas. To enter there we must be pure, so we can't take our... » more

Sambandha, Abhidheya and Prayojana

Jul 27 2002 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
Sri Sanatana Goswami is the acarya of sambandha, the process of understanding our relationship with Lord Krsna. The soul is a unit of dedicated consciousness which must become fixed in making progress. Sri Rupa Goswami, the acarya of abhidheya, reveals how to execute devotional service. » more

Cc. Madhya Lila 16.252-264

May 15 2002 - Audio
Vermont Ashram
The qualifications of a pure devotee. Humility is the crown jewel of a Vaisnava — it attracts Krsna. Our sincerity will save us, so let it be our guide. Don't be a self deceiver and forget why we have come to the path of devotional service. » more

What is wrong with that mantra?

Date Unknown - Audio
Govindaji Gardens
Nitai-Gaura Radhe-Syama, japa... Their idea is that Srimati Radharani is Lord Nityananda. The improper conception of a mantra brings a bad taste. According to ones' conception, the mantra will take you in that direction. If we have no conception of what we are doing or what is our goal we will not... » more

Bhag. 1.2.5 — What is the Goal

Nov 19 2001 - Audio
Vermont Ashram
This material world is not created as a place of enjoyment. Engaging in devotional service while maintaining impurities is not pleasing to Krsna. All that we do is simply to awaken a feeling of prema within our heart. » more