Gaura Purnima

Mar 22 2013 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens

When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared about 520 years ago, the Holy Name also appeared with Him. Previously the Holy Name was hidden in the Vedas. Mahaprabhu has appeared along with His topmost devotee in one form.

Krsna consciousness is a science — that of understanding everything. The world is not random, but we are programmed by advertisements. The corporate world is influencing us. Only in the spiritual world do we have real freedom.

Consciousness sustains this world but it is not independent of Parabrahman, the Superconsciousness of the Lord. Here lies the personality aspect of the truth.

When the church was burning people alive 300 years ago for thinking about flying, they were thinking about interplanetary flight in India. You could even be put to death for thinking that the earth orbited the sun.

Krsna consciousness is not about economics or politics, nor is it for old age. It is for now. It offers detailed information of that other world (spiritual) and how we can get there.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared for His own internal reasons and to spread the Holy Name. The Holy Name does not discriminate, it benefits all. We must also propagate the Holy Name and become selfless in the process. Krsna consciousness is not a matter of life or death. It is more important than that.

Faith is an act of greater intelligence. It is an act of experience. And once you cross the line of experience in Krsna consciousness, you can never go back — you are Krsna's. Krsna is a very affectionate master, so put Him first.

Every bad thing in this world is due to the lack of Krsna consciousness. We are custodians of this world, not enjoyers.