Sep 8 2008 - Audio
Govindaji Gardens

The service of Krsna requires asraya. It cannot be obtained without asraya. There is what is called asraya-tattva, and in that asraya-tattva there are agents of that tattva. They are the dispensers or providers of that. Just as Krsna is a person, the asraya-tattva is also a person. In the realm of increasing our devotion, we have to have shelter, guidance, instruction, and at the head of that is Srimati Radharani.

Subjective reality cannot be understood by our own endeavour, of any amount for anything. It is unknown and unknowable, but it is within the capacity of the subjective world to make itself known to the finite world, to reveal itself. You cannot see that world, but that world can make itself seen to you.

Sometimes in Vrndavana some people paint Rupa Gosvami on signboards, or Rupa-manjari, or Radharani. Well, the good news is that is not Radharani. I don't know who it is – It's nobody. I know who it's supposed to be, but that's not who it is. There's a difference between bhajana real and apparent. Apparent may have all the color, it may have all the vocabulary, it may have so many things. It has all the form of reality, but no substance.

The worship of Krsna is not complete without the worship of His sakti, His energy, and Srimati Radharani is the principal energy.

We must be aware of the ideal, but we are not to try make others aware of this ideal. This ideal is not preaching. It is not preaching to discuss the service of Srimati Radharani, to discuss the line of Sri Rupa – this is not preaching! What is preaching then? Preaching is Bhagavad-gita, Isopanisad and similar books. Preaching amongst the devotees – then we can discuss lila? No – this is also not preaching!