Writings: Science

En Busca de la Verdad

Jun 5 2019 - Krishna Talk 90
Casi todos, incluidos los científicos, religiosos y filósofos están involucrados en una noble búsqueda por la verdad. » more

Ciencia Moderna y los Vedas

May 26 2019 - Krishna Talk 92
En 1959 a dos científicos atómicos americanos, Dr. Emilio Segre y el Doctor Owen Chamberlain se les entregó el Premio Nobel en Física por el descubrimiento del antiprotón... » more

UFO – Je tam někdo?

Apr 14 2013 - Krishna Talk 159
Ale pokud existuje inteligentní život na jiných planetách (a možná i inteligentnější než ten náš), navštívily tyto inteligentní bytosti již někdy naši planetu? Mnoho lidí věří, že ano. » more

UFOs – Is Anyone Out There?

Apr 14 2013 - Krishna Talk 159
Have intelligent beings visited our planet before? Many people believe they have. » more

Moderní věda a Védy

Oct 10 2009 - Krishna Talk 92
V roce 1959 byla dvěma americkým atomovým vědcům, Dr. Emillo Segreovi a Dr. Owenovi Chamberlainovi, udělena Nobelova cena za fyziku za objev antiprotonu, který dokazuje (teoreticky), že hmota existuje ve dvou formách - jako částice a její antičástice. » more

Modern Science and the Vedas

Oct 10 2009 - Krishna Talk 92
The Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded for the discovery of the antiproton, demostrated that matter exists as particles and antiparticles. According to one of the fundamental assumptions of the new theory, there may exist another world, or an anti-world, built up of anti-matter. » more

In Search of Truth

Sep 26 2009 - Krishna Talk 90
Scientists have made great strides with their speculations, postulations, hypothesis and analysis of the creation or the universe we live in. Yet we see that the latest theories always seem to have some imperfections and exceptions. » more

Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge

Verification of Science
Jan 1 2005 - Article
A vast number of statements and materials presented in the ancient Vedic literatures can be shown to agree with modern scientific findings and they also reveal a highly developed scientific content in these literatures. » more

Bhakti Yoga - The Science of Self Realization

Date Unknown - Article
Who are you?... Are you your body? Or your mind? Or are you something higher? Do you know who you are, or do you merely think you know? And does it really matter? Our materialistic society, with its unenlightened leadership, has made it virtually taboo to inquire into our real, higher self. Instead... » more

Mathematics and the Spiritual Dimension

Date Unknown - Article
Mathematics has only recently risen to attempt to usurp the throne of Godhead. Ironically, it originally came into use in human society within the context of spiritual pursuit. Spiritually advanced cultures were not ignorant of the principles of mathematics, but they saw no necessity to explore... » more

Has Modern Science Failed Us?

Date Unknown - Article
It is often found that scientists are not unbiased in their search for the truth, giving preference to evidence which supports their desired thesis and unscientifically rejecting alternative theories as unsuitable without proper consideration. » more

Physics to Metaphysics

Date Unknown - Article
Following the transition from Newtonian classical physics to quantum mechanics, several scientists have explored the possibility of a connection between physics and transcendence. » more

When Wise Men Speak Wise Men Listen

When Wise Men Speak Wise Men Listen
In the articles presented in this book, Swami B. G. Narasingha writes on a variety of topics from the Vedic viewpoint in particular from the theological perspective of Gaudiya Vaishavism, the philosophical school founded by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in the 15th Century. Among the subjects covered in... » more

Vedic Science & History

Vedic Science & History
Almost everyone, including scientists, religionists and philosophers, are apparently in pursuit of truth. Yet, what is truth and how do we find it? Scientists have complete confidence in the scientific process, yet, we see that the latest theories are eventually replaced by more advanced theories.... » more

Science of the Sacred

"Science of the Sacred" is a must read for those interested in knowing about India's unique and interesting achievements in the scientific field. This publication provides a foundation for expanding our awareness of the reality around us, beyond modern scientific theories, to those grounded in the... » more