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Did Prabhupada Cheat Us??

Feb 19 2019 - Video
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Debunking claims that Prabhupada cheated his disciples when he gave them Gayatri-mantras via a cassette recording. » more

Vallabha Acharya & Re-initiation

Feb 17 2019 - Video
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A discussion of Gadadhara Pandita's re-initiation and Vallabha Acharya as an unqualified person. Also Sri Krishna Chaitanya as Rasaraja Mahabhava and thus the only personality to be called Mahaprabhu. » more

Zonal Acharya System — Who is NOT to Blame

Feb 6 2019 - Video
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The Governing Body Commission [GBC] of ISKCON resolves that blaming Srila B.R. Sridhar Maharaja for establishing the Zonal Acharya System in ISKCON is erroneous. » more

The Demise of the BTG — by Design

Feb 4 2019 - Video
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A history of the BTG from its beginning days in 1944 to its pinnacle of distribution of 4.6 million copies in 1978 to its sudden demise in 1982. » more

Did Prabhupada Die for Our Sins???

Feb 2 2019 - Video
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Did Srila Prabhupada appear to suffer so his disciples and followers could be free from suffering and be free to chant Hare Krishna? Are the Deities of Prabhupada in temples around the world there to accept the sufferings of those who worship him? » more

Outside Influences in the Krishna Consciousness Movement

Jan 8 2019 - Video
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Looking at and discussing the Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Zoroastrian influences in the modern Hare Krishna Movement. » more

X-mas Special

Dec 20 2018 - Video
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A discussion on the Origin of Monotheism and the Borrowing Theory. » more

Who wrote the Brahma-samhita?

Dec 17 2018 - Video
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An explanation to who wrote the purports and who did the verse English translations to the Brahma-samhita? Was it Srila Bhaktisiddhanta? Apparently not. » more

Book Changes Interview

Dec 12 2018 - Video
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An Interview concerning the 'Book Changes Controversy' with Garuda dasa Prabhu / Ph.D., a senior disciple of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. » more

The Case of Subhadra

Sep 18 2018 - Video
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A discussion about Subhadra, the sister of Lord Krishna. Is she Yogamaya? Does Lord Krishna actually have two sisters and both are called Subhadra? » more

The Mystery of Damodara - part 2

Sep 13 2018 - Video
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Part 2 of the Mystery of Damodara continues. » more

The Mystery of Damodara - part 1

Sep 13 2018 - Video
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It seems Damodara, Govindadeva, Vrndavanachandra and other ancient Deities of Vrndavana are changing Their color from blackish to brownish. Our research has arrived at some amazing conclusions. » more

Rtvik—The Death of the Sampradaya

Aug 31 2018 - Video
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Narasingha Maharaja & Giri Maharaja discuss the 'ritvik' conception of initiations, who is a pure devotee, paramahamsa devotees, maha-bhagavat devotees and prema-bhaktas [those who have love of Krishna]. » more

Nityananda's "sannyasa"

Aug 27 2018 - Video
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Narasingha Maharaja and Giri Maharaja discuss the false propaganda by the sahajiya/anti-party community that Sri Nityananda Prabhu was a sannyasi. » more

Conceptions of the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra

Aug 21 2018 - Video
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Swami Narasingha & Swami Giri discuss various conceptions of the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra. » more

Apa-granthas & Higher Literatures

Aug 16 2018 - Video
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A discussion on false Gaudiya Vaishnava literatures and bona fide Gaudiya Vaishnava literature on higher topics. » more

Sannyasa Parampara

Aug 2 2018 - Video
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A discussion of the Sannyasa Parampara in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. » more

The Ontology of "A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada"

Jul 24 2018 - Video
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A discussion on the ontology of the name "A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada". » more

Worship of Govardhan-sila

Jun 28 2018 - Video
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Discussion on the proper worship of Govardhan-sila in the line of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. » more

Bath in Radha-kunda

Jun 24 2018 - Video
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A discussion about to bath or not to bath in Radha-kunda. » more